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innovator in aquatic ecology
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innovator in aquatic ecology
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we offer an innovated algae harvesting system
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suitable for sediment and turbidity removal

innovation by waterned

WaterNed is founded from our   eco conscious mind. By personally experiencing the exploding water pollution in the past 15 years all around the World, measures had to be taken.

Resulting in WaterNed.


the operation of our system

The system is based on rejuvenation of troubled waters by full speed harvesting of algae and/or sediment, delivering free organic material and clean water. Resulting in high value streams.


aquatic dead zones worldwide

Dead zones are hypoxic (low-oxygen) areas in the world’s oceans, the observed incidences of which have been increasing since oceanographers began noting them in the 1970s.


about sediment and turbidity

The WaterNed harvesting system is suitable for sediment and turbi- dity removal. Our solution can be implemented on site to “harvest” all free floating sediments and     turbidity.

Watch our system in operation – by WaterNed  watch now

Benefits of our system

●  100% biological / mechanical
●  USA, FDA approved, safe for human and animal consumption
●  System is modular extendable to any desired capacity
●  Low cost
●  High value “residue” streams:

  • Clean water
  • Algae
  • Sediment

●  Extreme high capacities

Unique polymer features

●  Special designed polymer
●  100% biological
●  U.S.A., FDA approved
●  Not traceable in residue stream
●  Safe for human consumption

Some highlight features

WaterNed in the media read more